Vegetables with pomegranate Recipe

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

While i am writing this blog,the hardest thing for me to put a name to the foods.because i just sometimes cook whatever i like , not bound any i wanted to cook something with vegetable, it is very light recipe that you can try especially in summer..


1red bell pepper
1green bell pepper
1/2 carrot
2sp pomegranate
olive oil
fresh basilicum
10-12 pine nut
3 sp parmesan

Cut julien all the vegs, julien means long and thin:)) cut all of them, put in a tray some olive oil, add the vegetables,add some salt and black pepper, cook a few min, add the pomegranate ,cook 10 min more till the vegs get soft , if you cook so much ,the vegs will melt because they are thin.on the other hand, fresh basil,nuts and parmesan will be blendered, by the way the fresh basilicums that i used my mum growed them in our balcony and the taste was realllyy perfect,
after everything ready ,i cut a bit tomato to serve,i put some olive oil and oregano on it, after put our vegetables and the top , the basilicum mix.. and the parmesan ,basil i love them both really..
it is ready!!
Bon appetit..


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