Hunkar begendi Recipe

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Today i didnt feel to go out, weather is really hot. i noticed that i havent cooked some main dish from some time so i decided to cook some meat sih, and hunkar begendi is a dish from Gaziantep which is a nice city in turkey, i used mince for this but also you can cook with meat, and i used butter which makes it really more tasty.


4 Eggplant
3 Coffee Cups Flour
3 Coffee Cups Milk
2 Coffee Cups Grated Cheddar Cheese
500 g mince
4 Piece Tomato
4 Piece Pointed Pepper
3 Coffee Cup Meat Juice

Put eggplants in oven. After changing their skins,mash with a fork to help. In a large skillet, melt butter,add flour and cook a bit, Then gradually add milk. Aubergine mashed with a fork for 1-2 minutes, 2 cup grated parmesan to the pan and transfer.
In a separate pan, put butter,add chopped onions and cook until pink healed. Stir mince. After 2-3 minutes, chopped tomatoes, green pepper, meat juice and add salt. After 10 minutes, download Firefox.Put your meat on the eggplants when you serve.
Bon appetit..


JayP said...

Mmmm, looks lovely. We've just got back from a quick weekend in Istanbul (we did the Avrasya run)and the weather was better then down here in Fethiye!

Is this dish similar to Sultan Beğendi?

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