Arnavut cigeri (Fried liver) Recipe

Monday, July 19, 2010

In Turkey we call this as Arnavut Cigeri , arnavut means albenian in turkish.
I am really not sure if the albenians cook the liver in this way or we just made it up the name :)
If you like liver ,this recipe will be your indispensable. Very tasty and easy to prepare, also liver very good with the onion salad , great accompony!! you should try;)

Homemade Great Turkish Pasta Recipe

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

When i came home today there was a good surprise for me; my mum has cooked homemade pasta!! me and my sisters love it, i am sure you will also adore that.
Normally i dont add the foods i didnt cook but i could make a privilege for this recipe, because this needed to be share..

Semizotu Salatasi (purslane salad) Recipe

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Purslane is very healthy and delicious vegetable, i like the cook it also but the salad is amazing , also is more healthy to eat as salad without cooking, it is full of vitamin C and iron. Great choice for the summer days, light ,tasty and easy to prepare just 10 min..

Pasta with vegetable Recipe

An easy and tasty recipe, i dont know why i like pasta this much .
Dont forget pasta never made anybody fat all by itself.Italians eat pasta all the time.But Italians aren't fat at all..
It is my favourite dish, here is an easy and tasty pasta recipe ..

Peach Pie Recipe

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I am not so fan of dessert so i am more conservative to cook dessert but my family request me to cook dessert as well. I feel most of turkish desserts are heavy and lots of candy. I prefer a pie which is light , while i am cooking this i burnt my hand but the taste was worth that:)
By the way i learnt this recipe from my friend Ferhat' s blog;
He cook awesome ,especially good with dessert, i stuied with him 1 year in same class but didnt recognize he was good with cooking :))
thanks to him for this great recipe..

Yoghurt Soup (yayla corbasi) Recipe

I like soup , i have mentioned this before, Yayla corbasi is one of my favourite , very tasty food also can be eat as cold and good for hot summer days..

Green Beans with Olive Oil (Zeytinyagli Fasulye) Recipe

Today i was planning to cook liver (ciğer sarma) which my friend Dimitris reccomended but i couldnt find the proper ingredients at our butcher so i cooked vegetable which is more suitable for summer..
Green beans healthy, light ,tasty and easy to cook just you need to watch which bean you get, some beans dont cook for hours and hours!!
it should be stringless.

Pacanga Boregi (pacanga pie) Recipe

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It is very easy and tasty pie, we say this kinda foods "börek".
You can easily cook and share with your guests, i put this in oven to make it light but you can also fry it, it would be tasty but fatty..

Bulghur Pilaf with eggplant&meat(patlıcanlı etli bulgur pilavı) Recipe

Today i lived one of my worst day, first time i was hurted because i trusted a person. i wasnt expecting never ever, he really killed me, but life goes on right?
i cooked with hoping therapy; did it work? not at all!!
i even didnt eat today , didnt taste, my mum said the taste is good, hope you eat this in better days, better than mine..

Caput Asi (rice with meat&leaf) Recipe

Monday, July 5, 2010

Çaput aşı rice is belong to Denizli which is a city in Aegean Region in Turkey.
We arent used to eat rice inside meat , it is mostly iranian style as i know but when i was searching about Denizli kitchen, it was surprise for me to find a rice cooked with meat. Actually the thing is belongs to Aegean reagon is grape leaf, when the season the grape leaves grow, people used to cook this rice in Denizli.
In turkish kitchen grape leaf has a special place..

Chicken Cordon Blue

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I like chicken more than meat , i like everything with it but cordon blue is one of my favourite dish, it is easy and tasty food.
I fried it but also you can try it in oven, it could be light but fry always more tasty, what you think?

Zeytinyagli barbunya(Roman Beans with Olive Oil)

In turkish kitchen ,we have a special dishes with olive oil, we call them "zeytinyağlı", as it is summer and it is season for roman beans, i like this food, tasty.
you can use fresh or there are conserves which was already boiled; i used that.

Icli Kofte(stuffed mince balls) Recipe

Saturday, July 3, 2010

This food was really hard to cook, i always loved it, i cant say it is cooked at my home so often but i understood why; it is realllyyyyy difficult to make it and takes much time, but i always love to eat it, i have guessed it is too hard but not this much expected:))
when i eat it ,i will eat slower anymore as i understood how hard it was cooked:)
i should honestly say when i was filling the bulghur, my mum helped me as i wasnt so successful.
Içli köfte is a food oftenly cooked in easten part of Turkey, i preffered to boil it to make it light but also you may fry it and i like it more ,but too fatty..
By the way i should add the pictures in recipes ;my mum's hands:)

Vegetable soup

I was planing to make a broccoli soup but i saw the broccoli at home was spoiled. I was lazy to go market and buy new one so i decided to make a soup with whatever i have at home, i had potato and carrot , it was quite enough to make a delicious soup..
I really love soup, some people think it is just for winter and really they surprised when they see i am drinking steaming soup in the summer..:)

Steak with Tomato sauce

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Today i cooked steak, i should thanks to the butcher man ,because he gave really good one:)) hope you are lucky as much as mum said today a lot of food at home so please dont cook but i wanted ,so i just cooked for myself:))
1 piece steak was enough ,it wasnt thin, and also not so thick, it s around 2-3 cm thick.
When i put my steak to my plate i also did a rose from tomato ,it is good and easy way to make food look as good as it tastes.

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