Ispanaklı Akıtma (Spinachi Cake) Recipe

Sunday, September 29, 2013

It is very basic recipe that you can create more .. You can use the veg you like and creat your own 'Akıtma' recipe.

Yufkalı Rulo Köfte (Roll Burger covered with Turkish Flat Brad)

It is been long time that i didnt cook. I lost my dad recently and after him my granddad. It is pity to know that they will never ever again taste the foods i cooked. The cooking make me feel good. Good way to distract you. And always enjoyable moments when you share good food with your loved ones. I am lucky that i have a family that doesnt make harsh comments about my foods:)
Turkish people make lots of different types of Köfte recipes. This recipe can be counted my favorite.

İçli Köfte (Stuffed Bulghur Ball with Meat)

This is another traditional Turkish Food which is not so easy to make. You need really talented hands to make these balls. It is mostly served in Southern part of Turkey. You can find some variations of these dish in arab countries that called Kıbbah. Yes, it is not easy to make but it definetly worth to try.
If it will be your first trial, you can cook 1 potato and put into bulghur, so you will avoid bulghur to messed up , and plus you will not need to knead too much.

Mutancana (Fatih Sultan Mehmed's favorite lamb dish)

I was searching about what to cook from Ottoman Kitchen and I found out Mutancana which is a lamb dish cooked with dry fruits and almond. As I read more about it, I learnt It was the Fatih Sultan Mehmed (who conquered Istanbul)' s favorite dish , it was cooked in Palace Kitchen during 15th century, few days in a week and Sultan have been eating it with Keşkek (
However it seems difficult dish to cook, the result would be definetly worth your efford.

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