Manti (Turkish Ravioli) Recipe

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Well although it seems easy to cook,it is not at all!! needed to spend much time, if you are new to cook i reccomend you to cook with less ingredients, lets say make it with just 1gl of flour,otherwise,pyou will get bored,tired and maybe hate to cook which i dont want;)
also when it takes much time ,the dough get softer and it stick each other so you need to be fast a bit.or for the first time you can ask for help :)
It is a food which is hard to cook ,easy to eat:))


2 cups flour
125 gram butter
125 gr. mince
1 onion
2 cup yoghurt
Enough salt
Red pepper, garlic.

For the dough,put flour ,egg,1/2sp salt,and enough water and knead it.when it is ready, divide it 2 piece and open it with rolling pin,it should be thin around 1mm, i know it is hard but when you start to do ,it comes itself,trust me ,it s my first time too:)
when it s opened, cut it as square , can be around 1,5cm..
other hand mix mince,finely chopped onion,salt and some black pepper, and put small amount of mince in middle of the dough that we cut. dont put too much otherwise you will live problem to close your mantı,
when u put them,merge the 2corners of the square dough, and it will look like a triangle..there are some varieties to close mantı,but this was the easiest one for me ,maybe next time if i learn ,i will do it another way..
when all the mantı are ready ,boil water in a deep pan, add some salt, and put your mantı,cook it for 5min.while it s cooking,melt butter and add some red pepper.
i like yogurt with garlic, so mix your yogurt with chooped garlic, you know if you eat this ,you have to eat it with garlic,
if everything ready,drain your mantı, add yogurt on it, and sauce,on the top add mint and you can serve..
Bon appetit...


Torviewtoronto said...

delicious ravioli

Yesim said...

yep , it is:)

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