Patatesli Kasarli Borek(Pie with potato&cheese) Recipe

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Most of recipe i used to check from internet or from someone else i m hearing and trying to cook but this Börek was made up by me:)))
i just tried and the result wasnt bad at may try too,as i told before cooking is just about imaginations..

For Dough
3 gl flour
1gl milk
1gl water

For inside
4 potato
1gl grated cheese
Black pepper
2 egg

Peel potatos , put into water add some salt and cook till they can easily mash.from other hand , in a deep bowl put flour milk water some salt and mix it, knead till your dough get soft, it shouldnt be like juice , we say it should be like earlobe:))
when your potatos ready, mash it, add cheese and salt, pepper, and mix well,it should be like puree..if it s ready let it cool..
get some piece from your dough and make wide it with the help of rolling pin, make it as thin as possible, when it s ready put on the oily tray,and add your potatos equal every place of the dough, and open another dough and veil onto potatos, and again put potatos.. repeat thse floor like this till your dough and potatos finish , on the top , lay the yellow part of egg on your "börek", cook it for 30 min with 200degree in oven..
Bon appetit..


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