Steak with Tomato sauce

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Today i cooked steak, i should thanks to the butcher man ,because he gave really good one:)) hope you are lucky as much as mum said today a lot of food at home so please dont cook but i wanted ,so i just cooked for myself:))
1 piece steak was enough ,it wasnt thin, and also not so thick, it s around 2-3 cm thick.
When i put my steak to my plate i also did a rose from tomato ,it is good and easy way to make food look as good as it tastes.


1 piece steak
1 tomato
2 cloves garlic
Fresh basilicum
black pepper
parmesan cheese

i put very little oil in a pot, i cooked both 2 sides of the steak for 10 min on the little fire, while you are cooking it, add some salt and black pepper both sides.
on the other hand, put some oil in a pan,add chopped tomato,garlic, salt,black pepper and fresh basil, by the way basilicum again from my mumy is balcony,cook them for 10min also.
after your steak in a tray, add tomato sauce ,and the top fill with parmesan cheese,i really love it!!
heat your oven with 180 degree and cook your steak till the parmesan get brown gold..
after i take it out,i added more parmesan..i love it what can i do:))
bon appetit..


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