Sheep White Cheese Appetizers Recipe

Saturday, November 19, 2011

If you really like cheese and salt, you would defintely enjoy with this recipe.

Orzo pilaw with vegetable Recipe

It has been sometime that i cook this pilaw but i only had chance to share with you.


Pastry with Potato&Meat Recipe(Patatesli kiymali borek)

It is very different type of borek. All my family enjoyed alot. We call pastry type of foods borek in Turkey, it is most of time appetizers, but you can serve this as main dish.


Ricotta Cookies

Saturday, November 12, 2011

First I have thought this cookies wouldn't baked nicely because there were too many problems while I was making it. First I forgot to add flour!! Can you believe I didn't add flour into a cookie :)) Yea I did... After I noticed it's liquid and added flour back and shape them again; while I was baking it first I forgot to open the oven :)) Anyhow it ended great... :)) I got this recipe from Turkish Cookbook.

Chicken with vegetable&bechamel sauce Recipe

Another delicious recipe; all my family loved it. Hope you like too.

Chicken with walnut (Cerkez Tavugu) Recipe

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Feta Cheese Bread Recipe

Eid mubarek to all!!! Iyi bayramlar my friends!! Tomorrow is Eid ul Adha or as we say in turkish `Kurban Bayrami`. We will sacrifice animals for God sake, will share them with relatives, friends and who need it...
Tomorrow I plan to wake up early, prepeare a nice breakfast for my family and wait for small visitors. Children will be the first visitors as always. They will knock the door for chocolate.
Here is a nice bread you can serve with turkish tea.

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