Parsley Gratin

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It is light and delicious recipe. Great alternative dish for vegeterians also.

Simple Kofte Recipe with Potato (Burger)

I took this recipe from my aunt, it is really yummy and easy recipe. This was definetly one of the best kofte i have ever had.

Cig Borek Recipe (Fried pastry with raw meat inside)

Today is 1st of May , Happy labor day to all!! Today is also important from a side that is my mum's birthday. She is the best mum ever.. She turned 53 , long live Mum! I love you..
Cig Borek is one of her favourite food which is famous in Eskişehir city in Turkey. I cooked lots of foods for her but this was King of the table.
I cooked it with 1 gl of flour, and made 5 çiğbörek. I am giving original recipe, you can make it less or more as your desire.. Enjoy!!

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