Nice Weekend

Monday, December 13, 2010

I know it is been too long but i felt lazy to write something. I had fully busy weekend with friends and relatives. On saturday , my friends came to my home and they were so eager to taste the foods i cooked , that was their first time, i had a lot of unsucsesful cooking experiencence ,that is why they all were used to think i cant even cook an egg:))
till they tasted the foods i done. Even i didnt let my mum to help me because when someone even touch a bit, it would be "ooo , your mum cooked that" :) i didnt take risk , i done all. I went home around 7 pm on friday, had shopping and preaperad cookie very tasty called Ladies Kisses; I have seen it in Cafe Pepela. Also from friday i cooked cake and Yaprak Dolma . on Saturday i prapeerad Hummus, Eggplant Salad, Chicken Burger, Falafel&Tarator Sauce.

My mum also made a dessert and Borek (pastry), maybe she was doubt that i may fail:) dont know.. but they mostly liked as they told.. And we had nice lunch with chating about old stories in university..

Bon Appetit..

Potato Ravioli (HINGAL)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I am feeling right now that i am in the heaven , while i am tasting potato , butter.. yummy!!
When i was a kid ,we had a neighboor who used to cook "Hingal" , i always loved it , and i felt like i am kid now, the taste the same like she did, her name is Yasemin who was living next door; i have liked her, life is weird, i havent seen her from years , i dont know where she is or what she does, this hingal just made me remember great memories. I guess i am getting old as i started to talk about past:)
She is Circassian , and this Hingal a Circassian food which is also cooked in Cantral Anatolia area of Turkey.
The difference from the usual turkish ravioli is ; hingal bigger than regular turkish ravioli, there are some different shape variations, you can do whatever you like. I used a form that i like.

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