Patatesli Cig Kofte Recipe

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I know, I know, again it's been long time that I haven't wrote, but the blogspot was restricted in Turkey and I was in a diet, by the way, I lost 4 kg :)) If I have kept cooking, I wouldn't be able to lose weight, I need to lose still 4 kg more but I cant do long months diet.
Today is Sunday, I am at home, lazy and I was watching a TV channel which is showing traditional turkish foods, I saw it there and wanted to try, I presumed it would be amazing, and yes! it is great, easy to do and tasty. Çiğ mean raw, the original çiğ köfte is made by raw meat, it's not cooked, the meat cook with kneading by a lot of hot pepper, long hours it need to be kneaded with hot. This is alternative veggie, more healthy and same tasty recipe from Antakya, a city in Turkey, near Syria border.

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