Vegetable gratin

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Yesterday we celebrated to my good friend Turkay's birthday and we had fun with friends, with this regard, happy birthday to her again:))
today came home and was thinking what to cook, the good improvement sign is that i can make up new foods, at least new for me:) maybe someone else make it too but didnt see or notice till now, it just came to my mind and i tried and the result wasnt bad at all, i tried to cook vegetable gratin, it s almost like meatball recipe, just with veg ,it s good and tasty food also for vegetarias, and the dessert that i cooked it my mum's recipe.

1 jar garniture (400 gr)
1 gl bread crumbs
1 egg
Black Pepper

I used garniture for easy but you can also make it fresh vegetable after you cook a bit.Make pure of the garniture with blender in 1 min, add bread crumbs,egg,salt,black pepper,and some grated cheese and mix it ,knead a bit.lay some oil in a small tray , and put your vegetables, add grated cheese on top and put it in oven with 200 degree till the cheese will get gold brown...i added some dry tomato before serving..
Bon appetit..


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