Burger and Spinach Puree Recipe

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Today noon when my sister was leaving home asked for me to cook smth with meat, thats why i cooked burger. i like people to demand for me to cook smth and i love to see and hear their comment about my foods , sure if it is good comment:) luckily till now nobody didnt get poisoned or give bad reaction.. ;)

Domates Boregi ( Tomato Pie) Recipe

I think pie doesnt give the right explanation of "börek", as Turks ,we have a lot of type of börek and it is one of indispensable food for our kitchen. I will cook some types of börek later but today i cooked very easy, tasty and different type of börek. yesterday me and some collegues went a place for lunch and one of my friend ordered "domates böreği", i tasted it and loved it, when i came back hme i searched about it in internet and found out there are few variations of it.. i picked up the most suitable one for which i have tasted, the result was really amazing. i think if i tell this , u will get how good it is..; i cooked it 1 hour ago , and it s all finished:))

Crepe with Chicken Recipe

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Today i was feeling so down , so i decided to cook smth , it s better than eating tooo much and gaining weight..
i needed smth tasty, easy .. so i wanted to cook crepe with chicken.. it was really tasty, i had cooked for 4 , and everybody asked me to cook more but i didnt find more energy to cook again:)
and the thing i found out today that i got speed, i cooked around 45min, normally it takes more:))

Chicken with vegetable Recipe

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Today noon my mum asked me what i am gonna cook today...actually i wasnt feeling to cook smth ,but my sister also asked that, i dont know if they really like my foods or they re just lazy to cook and it s good someone else cooking:)) anywya i just needed smth easy to cook so i went market and bought some vegetable and chicken and just put them together and plus spices .. the result was better than i expect , i think i learn this job well.. :))

KISIR Recipe-Turkish Salad with bulgur(cracked wheat )

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Today i came home, my mum has cooked very delicious foods actually,even when u look it, it was calling u to eat it! i think she s trying to prove that she can cook better than me:)) but ididnt wanna eat them , i just needed smth light that i can eat with tea, and i decided to make Kısır, it s salad a kinda, very delicious, easy to prepare and also nutrient.
i write some ingredents down but actually it s up to u, whatever u like u can put inside, especially everythng green inside is very suitable to kısır.

Gnocchi with tomato & vegetable sauce Recipe -Italian kitchen

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Today i cooked gnocchi which s light,tasty food and also easy to cook.. if u like potato as much as me, this dish will be one of your favourite..

Bolani: Afghan Potato and Scallion Turnover Recipe

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hi fellows,
today i cooked bolani , it was so delicious.
Bolani , unleavened bread stuffed with potato, scallions and cilantro is one of my favorite Afghan snacks. in Turkey we call this "gozleme", but we normally dont put scallions and cilantro inside.
Afghans make bolani for special occasion such as birthday parties, engagement parties or holidays. i cooked this as honor of my dear afghan friend Samim who put efford for this blog:)
tx Samim for all your helps....

first iranian food cooking experience

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hey people,
first day i prefered to cook one of iranian food as my bf s an iranian and i m expected to cook iranian foods:), i cooked Eslamboli-polow, they re so famous with rice, so i choosed that , it s different from turkish rices, but it was soo tasty.. and i shared it with whole family and all loved it and i suggest u to cook..

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