Vegetables with pomegranate Recipe

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

While i am writing this blog,the hardest thing for me to put a name to the foods.because i just sometimes cook whatever i like , not bound any i wanted to cook something with vegetable, it is very light recipe that you can try especially in summer..

Manti (Turkish Ravioli) Recipe

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Well although it seems easy to cook,it is not at all!! needed to spend much time, if you are new to cook i reccomend you to cook with less ingredients, lets say make it with just 1gl of flour,otherwise,pyou will get bored,tired and maybe hate to cook which i dont want;)
also when it takes much time ,the dough get softer and it stick each other so you need to be fast a bit.or for the first time you can ask for help :)
It is a food which is hard to cook ,easy to eat:))

Puff pastry Sweet with apple Recipe

Saturday, June 26, 2010

I learnt this from my mum it is very light and nice sweet..

Vegetable gratin

Yesterday we celebrated to my good friend Turkay's birthday and we had fun with friends, with this regard, happy birthday to her again:))
today came home and was thinking what to cook, the good improvement sign is that i can make up new foods, at least new for me:) maybe someone else make it too but didnt see or notice till now, it just came to my mind and i tried and the result wasnt bad at all, i tried to cook vegetable gratin, it s almost like meatball recipe, just with veg ,it s good and tasty food also for vegetarias, and the dessert that i cooked it my mum's recipe.

Firinda hunkarbegendili tavuk (chicken with eggplant in the oven)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A few days ago i have cooked ali Nazik kebap, and the eggpland food there i cooked original name is hünkarbeğendi, "Hünkarbeğendi" in turkish mean is "Sultan liked", i think that food has been cooked in Ottoman palaces for sultans ,thats why it got this name,it s funny right:))
even sultans liked so most of people suppose to like this food even if they dont like eggplant, the béchamel sauce give great taste into eggplant.. but my mum complain about i cooked too often Hünkarbeğendi so i think i should stop for sometime to cook eggplant:)

Patatesli Kasarli Borek(Pie with potato&cheese) Recipe

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Most of recipe i used to check from internet or from someone else i m hearing and trying to cook but this Börek was made up by me:)))
i just tried and the result wasnt bad at may try too,as i told before cooking is just about imaginations..

Hunkar begendi Recipe

Today i didnt feel to go out, weather is really hot. i noticed that i havent cooked some main dish from some time so i decided to cook some meat sih, and hunkar begendi is a dish from Gaziantep which is a nice city in turkey, i used mince for this but also you can cook with meat, and i used butter which makes it really more tasty.

Pasta with olive and tomato sauce Recipe

Friday, June 18, 2010

Omlet with vegetable Recipe

I noticed recently i just eat the foods i cook at home and my mum was telling me all the food at home i was finishing :))
today i cooked easy to prepare ,light, tasty and healthy foods.. an omlet with vegetable and pasta...

Lokma-A typical turkish dessert(yeast fritters in thick syrup)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lokma means "morsel", it is a dessert that as we turkish love to cook, eat and share with people. Today is "regaip day" which is holy day for muslims, in this day prophet Mohammed was conceived at that night.. so this kinda holy days we especially cook this Lokma dessert and share with our relatives, neighboors , friends.. it is also so generous dessert, with small of dough you can have a lot of dessert to share with other people..

Homemade salty cookie recipe

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The cooking all just imagination , you can just mix something that you enjoy to eat and cook it, i bet the taste will be amazing.. as i told yesterday i cooked a cookie with sugar which i have taken the recipe from my friend. actually i am not so fan of desert or foods with sugar , i like salt more,some people need sugar sometimes you know, and i need salt:)) isnt it interesting:)
i just mixed the things i like and the result was so good..

Cookie with Walnut Recipe

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When we go to my friend Hanife' s house, we always ask her to cook her favourite cookies, she cook really good , and i asked her the recipe. i should say at the begining,she didnt wanna give it:))) after she gave;) unluckily i burned it a bit but the taste was still good:) so keep it watching when it s in oven..

Mucver (Zucchini Patty)

Today i was thinking what to cook and my manager! yes!i mean it; my manager Mr Semhan asked me to cook something real Turkey food like Mücver:) hmm actually the Zucchini Patty is not the real please call it "mücver":) anyway, the idea was perfect; the tasty,easy to cook, what can i want more:)
i noticed that i cooked a lot with zucchini..but you know ,actually nobody put the right value of the Zucchini, most of people dont like to eat it, it is actually very good food, and please keep in mind if you wanna lose weight , 100gr zucchini has just 14calori..isnt it awesome? yes!!you should cook it more and please dont say that children dont like to eat it!especially 1-6 year old children cant choose the foods, the parents behaviors give him/her the eating habit.. so if you eat,children will too...

Mercimek Koftesi(Lentil Patties)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Well, it s again really easy and tasty food for you. it is typical turkish apettizer.when you have guests at home you may cook this and serve with tea, easy to cook really, as i told before ; if i can cook everyone can..:)
i really enjoy cooking and writing this blog, but i am not sure if i was married and had to cook after work ,and it is fun and still have energy and i just realized that i really cook easy and tasty foods:) everybody who can work can cook easily all of my recipes..

Oven spaghetti

Saturday, June 12, 2010

You know, the pasta is my favorite dish always. when i go out for lunch i order pasta.they say it doesnt make you gain weight but if you put too much souce in it to make tastier then alarm bell starts to ring:))
enjoy with the spaghetti..

Beef with vegetables

Hello dear followers,
i was away from home for sometime so i couldnt cook but i will compansate that on weekend:)
Today at home the menu is beef with vegetable and oven spaghetti.

Pizza (The most tasty and easy pizza in the World)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I should thank to my dear friend Ender for this amazing recipe, i dont exxagerate; it is really the fastest, easiest and the most tasty pizza you can make at home. If you got last minute guests at home , you can easily make this recipe and make all your guests happy, you can trust me;)

Cin Boregi(Chinese spring rolls )

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Today , i had too much nice plan to cook and enough motivation, this blog made me so motivated about cooking. After work i went to market , bought a lot of nice,fresh vegetables, spices and so on..i will use these for upcoming recepies. i came home and started cooking ,i didnt even had dinner, i had wanted to cook Samosa which is indian appetizer, and chinese spring rolls, i spent around 2 hours to cook them and unfortunately samosa was just disappointment..:(( eveybody hated it include me.tx GOD still i had something tasty; Chinese Spring Rolls...:) i am just eating it while i am writing this post to you ,i keep eating:) and it is real taste... i dont like soy sauce normally but it is really good friend for spring rolls..

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