Oven spaghetti

Saturday, June 12, 2010

You know, the pasta is my favorite dish always. when i go out for lunch i order pasta.they say it doesnt make you gain weight but if you put too much souce in it to make tastier then alarm bell starts to ring:))
enjoy with the spaghetti..

package spaghetti
canning condiments

For Béchamel sauce;
2 sp flour
1 gl milk
salt and pepper

put in boil water our pasta. and cook for 10 min,drain and rinse garnish, on the one hand, we make our Béchamel sauces, add butter,flour and cook for 1 min and add cold milk on it and mix till it become bechamel..add our garnish and cooked pasta and mix well all of it, spread in a tray of pasta, and top of it add cheese,cook until golden brown in the oven later.
Bon appettit...


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