Guvec/Tajin (Lamb and Veggie Casserole)

Monday, August 30, 2010

One of my morrocon friend Rachid give me a gift called Tajin . Actually in Morocco it is the traditional way of cooking, they cook meats, chicken,fish etc. in that pots. The traditional tagine pot is formed entirely of a heavy clay, which is sometimes painted or glazed.
in Turkey we call this type of foods "guvec", it is a kinda similar . And the taste is i think similar.

I served it in the tajin which is given by my friend. If you cant find this much attractive plate to serve, you can serve with your regular plates , the taste is same and everybody will love it:)

I cooked rice with this, they are good friends i believe..


Chicken Burger (Tavuk koftesi)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Today when i checking some recipes, i saw one fish burger recipe in one of supermarket website, me and my family is not fan of fish so i decided to try this with chicken and you cant guess how much i made a good decision. while i was cooking it, all family came to kitchen to check what is been cooking:)) the smell was good and the taste hmmmmm.... really amazing..

Hope you try and like it too.. i highly reccomend this recipe..

Rice with Tomato Recipe (Domatesli pilav)

I think because of Ramadan and i stay long hours hunger , everyday i want different foods badly. And today i came home earlier, after i got some rest , i went market and shopped for my foods.

Oh by the way, i have been staying with one of my friend from 15 days and today i came back home and i have missed them , thats why i wanted to cook something, i thought they may miss my foods:)) hopefully i cooked well..

Tomato with rice is my favourite pilaf, hope you like it too..

Ramadan iftar table

Monday, August 23, 2010

In ramadan, the meal after sunset called "iftar".
During Ramadan i am away my home, i stay with one friend who lives close to my work, so it is easy for me to fast,i can go work comfortable and short time.
Today we invited our friends for iftar,here is the menu ;

-lentil soup
-paçanga pastry(with pastrami and cheese)
-Burger and potato with tomato sauce in oven
-Manti (Turkish ravioli)
-chicken breast pudding (tavuk göğsü)
everbody went back home happy , yuppi:)))
we ate , had nice chat and was amazing evening as it should be in Ramadan.

have a good Ramadan....

Potato in oven with cream recipe

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dear my followers,
after long time i am back to write:) i was a kinda busy ,even if i cooked i couldnt share with you.
Also holy month Ramadan started which muslims fast, it is really holy month which i enjoy, during the Ramadan ,people help eachother, the big tents settled outside that give foods to people, after sunset people can eat and drink. everybody goes to eachother for iftar (meal after sunset), we used to go to friends,relatives,and also invite people.. it is really amazing... i really enjoy with this month...
This recipe from my friend Turkay, recently at 5th of Aug i celebrated my birthday , and woow i m 26:)) she has cooked and i loved it ,easy and tasty food, i dont know if i have wrote before i am fall in love with potato:))
Enjoy with it..

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