Homemade salty cookie recipe

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The cooking all just imagination , you can just mix something that you enjoy to eat and cook it, i bet the taste will be amazing.. as i told yesterday i cooked a cookie with sugar which i have taken the recipe from my friend. actually i am not so fan of desert or foods with sugar , i like salt more,some people need sugar sometimes you know, and i need salt:)) isnt it interesting:)
i just mixed the things i like and the result was so good..

2gl of flour
1/2gl oil
1gl white cheese(can be curd as well)
1/2gl of soda
Fresh basilicum
Black pepper

As i told i just mixed the ingredients i enjoy to eat like basil , drill,cheese..i put sode because i have read somewhere it boom to dough:)so mix all ingredients, knead the dough some min, and make small balls from dough, i open small hole with my finger, also you can use ready tablets for nice shapes.. and put some oil in a tray and lay your dough balls ,and send it to oven, cook for 25min with 150degree, and it is ready..
Bon appetit...


Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to use American measurements?

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