Banana&Kiwi Cake

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Eid Mubarek to all. The Holy Ramadan ended yesterday and today is the first day of Bayram(Eid). Whole month we fasted, stayed away from bad things :) now time to celebrate it. Everybody is out to visit relatives & friends, the children knocking our door for chocolate :) Due to my dad's sickness we will spend the holiday at home, but we have too many guests so I made something to serve for them.
I am not a dessert & baklava person, so fruit cake is the best for me which is light and sweet :)

Bodrum Mantı (Fried Turkish Ravioli)

Monday, August 29, 2011

I know it is been a long time since I wrote but I had some reasonable excuses.
My dad suffered a big operation, stayed many weeks at the hospital. While we were thinking he was recovering, there were some complications, thank GOD he is better now, at home.
Hard times also good to understand your real friends, some of friends made me disappointed, some other made me surprised and felt they are more closer to me than I thought before.
Anyway this is life, all the bad and good things are for us. The most important thing is we are healthy now and I'm back with a nice recipe. :)
I tried this at a restaurant by a friend recommendation, and I didn't feel regret at all!!! It is amazing, delicious, called Bodrum mantı, as far as I learnt, it is cooked in Bodrum, which is a port city in the southwestern Aegean Region of Turkey.

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