Banana Roll Cake

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I found this recipe at Food in Life. It is my first trial to make a cake. Was i succesfull?? Honestly the taste was good but the apperance not really.. I dont like so much about sweet, dessert, cakes etc. ; maybe that is why i am not succesful at this kinda things, but i believe i will be better. I brought the cake at the bank today for my colleagues to taste, and everybody seems happy; i dont know if they really liked or just to be nice , but they really seemed happy. Here is the proof :)


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It is Eid , and every Eid my mum make kavurma..
And i have to give recipe. It is sooooo delicious meat. The specialty of this kavurma, it is maden in ;we call "Sac" ; a special iron plate.

Puff Pastry (Pofuduk Borek)

Eid is going on in all muslim countries with all beauty. People visiting each other, eating dinner, sharing good things with feast sole. In every home there is a hurry to cook something for their guests and to welcome their guests in best way.
I cooked a pastry for guests, sure it is not only thing , i will share most of them with you so you can a bit feel about the feast we are having.
This recipe; i saw my friend Ferhat's blog, he has put inside onion and green pepper but i didnt add , i think you can add whatever you want.
It is really easy&delicious recipe which everybody loved.

a Sunny Istanbul Day with Kuru Fasulye&Boza

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yesterday my long 9 days holiday started and the weather was luckily better than i could wish..
I had chance to walk the places i have never been in my city, walked all the ways around 15 km.. WOW.. i cant believe myself walked all the way; we just stopped every store ,every places, kissed every children and interracted with people as much as we can.
Our walking group was 8 people, enjoyed with the day a lot.
We stopped by a restaurant for lunch and ate Kuru Fasulye ( Haricor beans) with pastirma (beef that has been smoked or dried in the sun after being treated with spic) , pilaf (rice), pickle and for the dessert ; semolina dessert. All was soo delicious, i reccomend you to stop by there and taste kuru fasulye.

Eid ul-Adha (Kurban Bayrami)

Eid ul Adha, the Feast of the Sacrifice or Kurban Bayrami; whatever you call it.. It is one of important religious holiday celebrated by muslims. We will celebrate it in Turkey on next tuesday, as i know some arab countries it is 1 day later on wednesday. in Turkey it is offically 4 days holiday by this feast; when i combined it with weekends, my long 9 days holiday officially started yesterday :)
I always loved to celebrate these feasts, but it was better when i was a kid, was more meaningful, I had grandparents to visit, had neighboors to knock the door and get some money&candy.. I dont have any of them now unfortunately, my grandparents passed away long years back and the neighbourhood almost dead. Thanks God there are still some children to knock our door and ask for candy:)
Kurban means ; to sacrifice an animal for God sake. Some people comments very badly about this feast. They are calling it barbarity but really dont understand why; by this feast we just dont sacrifice animals, we help poor people as well.It doesnt mean just sacrifice the animal, put the meat in fridge and eat all year! NO! it is not like that, it is for also charity..
For example in Turkey (in other muslim countries can have other variations) when someone cut an animal, they have to share it with at least 7 people who didnt/cant sacrifice an animal so it give you chance to help other people, there are millions who cant buy meat, millions of children..
Also to cut an animal , there are some islamic rules which will give minumum pain to the animal.
Sharing is great habit, and the Sacrifice feast is great chance for people to share, to remember poor people maybe who never ate meat.
Happy Eid El Adha to everybody..
Kurban Bayraminiz Kutlu Olsun..

Chocolate Soufflé

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I know i was away too long, was quite busy week.. Yesterday i felt asleep at 9pm. I think it is because of the all week exhaustion but today morning , i woke up at 7 am as lusty. There is a food competition program in Turkey, yesterday my mum told that a competitor cooked Chocolate Soufflé, she talked about it all evening till i sleep:) i love it but didnt know how to cook , my mum told the recipe, the problem my oven has broken so we went to market today,bought a new oven, new knife set, cake mould, I loved all but the most i liked the cake mould , it is 6 small cake place inside, it s silicosis mould which i learnt new. I know maybe you will think how i am ignorant :) but i am not the one who cook cake always.. when i was a kid my mum was cooking cake and to take it out of mould was really big problem ,it was always sticking it , with this new silicosis mould didnt get it to stick , perfect!!
Tomorrow i have an exam , i suppose to study today , but first i decided to cook Chocolate Soufflé which is easy to cook, soo delicious and will give me too much power to study at least thats what i hope :)
P.S: I got a lot of blog awards ,i am sorry to late to reply, i will do that soon and thank you so much for everyone who think my blog deserve an award!! big kisses.. :)

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