Thursday, September 30, 2010

Here is the another tasty Lebanese dish.. We have it in Turkey as well with same name "Humus", it is an appetizer, we call this kinda dishes as "Meze".. Hummus mean in arabic "chick peas ". Mostly famous in arab countries but also in Turkey, Greece,Syria serve it as traditional food. While you are preparing it, the taste is detarmined by how to order the ingredients. For example; if you add garlic while you are mashing the chick peas , you will taste garlic more light..

Waraq Enab (Yaprak dolma)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This is one of my favourite food.. maybe i can say my favourite!! :) in Turkey we call it yaprak dolma(yaprak: grape leaf, dolma:being filled up) and in Lubenon they call it Waraq Enab, it is one of best mediterianne dish i suppose, you can cook it as olive oil as cold (zeytinyagli) or if you desire, it can be cooked with meat and serve hot..
But i like the cold version more .. in Lebanon they cook it more sour than we do here ,but it is tasty , it is up to you how much lemon you wanna add ..

Mutabbal (Lebanese Eggplant Salad)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I would never think the tahin (crushed sesame seeds) would suit into eggplant with yoghurt and garlic. But it does.. really.. Mutabbal was also one of my favourite dish in Lebanon. I am thinking , after i started this blog, i cooked a lot of variations of the eggplant! it is really good vegetable that you can cook in different and tasty ways. And mutabbal is one of them..


Tabouleh (Lebanese Salad)

It is the most tasty salad till i ever ate , i really loved it, i liked the sour taste with it, i think the sour make it more tasty, if you like try to add more lemon , Eksi (pomegranate molasses )
Tabouleh is a salad but also one of main dish in Lebanon.
If you like you can add more bulghur and make it "Kısır" as a Turkish variation. but i loved the way i ate in Lebanon..
You can start adding little lemon and eksi , and after you taste decide how much you wanna add..


Dear friends,
I finished my short Lebanon trip and back to home . Lebanon is a small country full of history, nature, great people and amazing dishes. You can drive in 3 hours the country from north to south. It is a place that you should mark for your holiday destination.

Also i liked the feeling to be a tourist in this lovely country, people are so helpful and nice. Once, one lady wanted to take my photo with her kids, i felt like a superstar:)
Jeitta grotto is amazing ,it is a gift from GOD..
I had chance to visit Beirut, Jbail, Baalbeck, Jounieh.. all of them i loved, met a lot of nice lubenese people..
And sure i tasted a lot of nice lubenese foods:)) Beydan, waraq enab,fettush,mutebbel,tabbuleh,falafel and more.. all were sooo delicious.. in most of restaurants before the food they serve Beydan(almond), pickle etc, and after meal , they serve you a lot of type of fruits or somewhere even desserts and sure arabic coffee.. and all free:)
Will share with you some recipes and more information about Lebanon..

Just follow me;)

Tavuk Guvec (Chicken Casserole)

Friday, September 10, 2010

I got the food taste which made with casserole ,
i have cooked it with lamb so this time i tried with chicken and eggplant. The thing with casserole; it should cook on the low heat ,and long time, like 1-2 hours. I love the smell when it is cooking , reult is amazing , the meat or chicken or the vegs just delectable. And the favourite food to serve with guvec is rice which is cooked with butter and chicken broth; how can i say no these foods:))


iyi bayramlar..

Yesterday Eid ul fitr started, we call it "bayram" ,"Şeker bayrami(Bayram of Sweets)" , it is the celebration day after Ramadan, conclusion of fasting. Honestly i dont like bayrams as before. When i was a kid,it was more meaningful, people were more friendly with eachother, human relations was everything, now everything changed. Nowadays, Bayram means holiday for people, to chance to run away from work,city or people.. When i was a kid, it was rituel. The men of the street where i live were going to mosque for pra. When they came back ,we been made ready the breakfast table, the table was perfect, after we ate, people were greeting to eachother. "iyi bayramlar"-have good bayrams.. visiting relatives, friends.. When we are going to someone s home ,we are getting mostly chocolate or candy as gift.. i am a kinda traditional girl who like to keep alive this kinda good traditions.. Although my family got a bit angry with me , i still woke up early ,went market, prepared breakfast and woke my family up and pushed them to go out. Still had nice bayram day with all relative visits..

İyi bayramlar to all...

Turkish Coffee

Monday, September 6, 2010

Turkish coffeeTurkish coffee is more than coffee, it is a culture. I think we are the only nation which charge this much meaning on the coffee:)
We have even songs about coffee , "Coffee comes from Yemen" very old song ; it is true, Istanbul was introduced to coffee in 1543 during the reign of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent by Özdemir Pasha, the Ottoman Governor of Yemen, who had grown to love the drink while stationed in that country.

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