Pizza (The most tasty and easy pizza in the World)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I should thank to my dear friend Ender for this amazing recipe, i dont exxagerate; it is really the fastest, easiest and the most tasty pizza you can make at home. If you got last minute guests at home , you can easily make this recipe and make all your guests happy, you can trust me;)

3 tortilla
3 cherry tomato
5 olive
7-8 pieces Pepperoni
7-8 pieces dried tomatos
1 gl grated mozarella
fresh basilicum
1 sp tomato paste
black pepper

lay some oil into the tray to avoid pizza sticking to the tray. put first tortilla, lay small piece oil and mozarella , add other tortilla on it and again same thing; lay some oil and mozarella , and the latest add the last torilla on it. put your tomatos,olives,pepperoni,dried tomatos, and cutted fresh basilicum onto your tortilla bread. melt your tomato paste into 1 hot glass of water, and add some salt,black pepper and mix it, lay this mix on your pizza , and latest add some black pepper and cook it into heated oven for 15 min. before you take out your pizza from oven add some mozeralla at the top and keep it for sometime into heated oven for 1 min.and your delicious pizza is ready.
Bon appetit...


eL.Çitra said...

tortila pizza? hmmm...look yummy!

~RnR~ said...

Great idea! Using tortilla as a pizza base. Must be crunchy ><

Carolyn said...

It does sound fast and tasty!

Suchitra said...

itz really simple and looks sumptuous!

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