Bulghur Pilaf with eggplant&meat(patlıcanlı etli bulgur pilavı) Recipe

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Today i lived one of my worst day, first time i was hurted because i trusted a person. i wasnt expecting never ever, he really killed me, but life goes on right?
i cooked with hoping therapy; did it work? not at all!!
i even didnt eat today , didnt taste, my mum said the taste is good, hope you eat this in better days, better than mine..


2 gl bulghur
4 eggplants
2 onions
250 gr lamb(small chucks)
2 tomatos
2 green pepper
black pepper

Cut the eggplants into long strip, fry .
at the other hand,cook finely chopped tomato, onion,green pepper,and meat with butter for 10 min, and then add some water,saltiblack pepper and cook more till the meats get softer.

place the long eggplants in a pan, keep some part of the eggplant outside of the tray,put the cooked meat on the eggplants.wash bulgur and add on it, then the eggplants outside the tray , close onto bulghur. put smth on it like a plate ,press to avoid it open.add 1,5 gl of cold water,
cook it till the water end..
serve warm..

Bon appetit..


elra said...

I am so sorry Yesim, hope time will heal you fast.

Your dish look magnificent, your mum is right, perhap you should eat some of this to get your energy going and feel better okay.

All the best,

Chef Dennis said...


I am so sorry to hear you were hurt...people can be cruel sometime without even thinking....cooking is excellent therapy...and time heals all.

Feel better my friend

eatgreek.net said...

It looks delicious! I love the way you have presented it!

Torviewtoronto said...

looks delicious

Anonymous said...

i feel so bad hearing you got hurt today, hope you'll chin up soon.
Your dish looks great, as usual, maybe I'll make some bulgur tomorrow too, now that you brought it up

kitchenmorph said...

he's not worth a thought then. and tell me is daliya the indian name for bulgur? if so i defo want to try it. i'd love you to follow my blog: kitchen-morph.blogspot.com

kitchenmorph said...

give me a day or two for the samosa recipe. let me know if you're making it for something that's coming up your way. then i'll quicken my pace.

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