Peach Pie Recipe

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I am not so fan of dessert so i am more conservative to cook dessert but my family request me to cook dessert as well. I feel most of turkish desserts are heavy and lots of candy. I prefer a pie which is light , while i am cooking this i burnt my hand but the taste was worth that:)
By the way i learnt this recipe from my friend Ferhat' s blog;
He cook awesome ,especially good with dessert, i stuied with him 1 year in same class but didnt recognize he was good with cooking :))
thanks to him for this great recipe..

For the dough:

250 gr. flour
50 gr. powdered sugar
125 gr. cold butter or margarine
grated lemon peel
1 egg
2-3 soup cold milk
A pinch of salt

On the pie

1 kg. peach
Two water b. granulated sugar
50 gr. butter
powdered sugar

Dough should be considered the most important point in preparing everything cold.Even cold hands in cold water before mixing the ingredients can be. We must move very fast while making dough.
Mix the flour, salt and sugar are open to go over the middle. Butter in small cubes in it and knead quick.
mix eggs, cold milk, and grated lemon peel.add it onto our dough.
Pick up on it and knead the dough with some flour and wrap with foil and keep it in refrigerate 1 hour.
Peach Peel equal and with sugar cook it for 30-35 min on low heat till it will be like jam but peaches shouldnt be melted uniform pieces cut into the sugar together on low heat peaches distributed without. after it cooked close the fire ,add some butter and close the cover of it and let it cool a bit.
when the dough is ready ,leave some dough to put on the top in fridge and Open rest of it thick with the help of rolling pin like 0,5 cm ; and lay it in a tray cook it in an oven for 20 min. Before u put it in oven , scratch a bit with a fork avoid it to make bubble.
After it cooked , pour all the peaches pan on it and put the rest of dough on it,
it is with your imagination what you want to do with that dough on it:))
and then cook it for 15 min more with 200 degree.
After it get cool, add some castor sugar on it and serve..
Bon appetit...


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