Homemade Great Turkish Pasta Recipe

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

When i came home today there was a good surprise for me; my mum has cooked homemade pasta!! me and my sisters love it, i am sure you will also adore that.
Normally i dont add the foods i didnt cook but i could make a privilege for this recipe, because this needed to be share..


4 gl flour
2 eggs
1/2 sp salt

For Sauce
250 gr mince
2 onions
Red pepper

Put all ingredients for dough in a deep bowl , the water should be enough to make a dough , knead the dough , we say it should be like earlobe.. If the water s less ,you mayy add, or if you think it is too liquid, you may add necessary flour, it is easy..
After the dough is ready, let it rest 30 min..
You are now ready for the hard part: separate the dough into two pieces. Flour your work surface and start to roll out the dough, rolling from the middle, flipping it occasionally, and flouring it as necessary to keep it from sticking. Make it as thin as possible.Repeat it for other dough as well.After they are thin enough let them rest 3-4 hours ; They should be a bit dry.
After 3-4 hours , put one on the other, cut them long strip, put them on the other, cut them first from right to left and from left to right, they will be like triangle..
If you cant make it dont worry just cut them in an order the taste will be same and awesome:))
Boil some water, add the pasta for 7min. While they are cooking, cook mince and well chopped onions with butter for 10-15 min,add salt and pepper, mix them all.
After pasta is cooked ,drain them.
to serve lay some pasta on it mince sauce and again on the mince lay some pasta and the top again put mince and serve it warm.
"Ayran" is our traditional drink which is made by youghurt,salt and water is very good with this pasta.
Instead of mince you can also add walnut or yoghurt.
I guarantee whatever you add will be sooo great.
Bon appetit...


Eileen said...

I should make pasta one of these days. It's been years...

Brooke said...

Pasta is one delicious dish. When I travelled to Argentina, I learnt a lot about it since it is a country that has many Italian descendants and they really know how to prepare it. I went to a lot of restaurants and I also cooked it at one of the furnished apartments in buenos aires I had rented. Now I cook for my whole family and they can´t understand how is it that I know so much about the sauces and everything, I tell them: just take a trip to Argentina and you´ll see!

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