Arnavut cigeri (Fried liver) Recipe

Monday, July 19, 2010

In Turkey we call this as Arnavut Cigeri , arnavut means albenian in turkish.
I am really not sure if the albenians cook the liver in this way or we just made it up the name :)
If you like liver ,this recipe will be your indispensable. Very tasty and easy to prepare, also liver very good with the onion salad , great accompony!! you should try;)


1/2 lamb liver
1 gl bread crumbs
red pepper

roll small pieced livers with the bread crumbs, and also mix it well with salt and red pepper, fry it for 5 min..thats all.. really ,this much easy and tasty..

i also fried some potatos..
To accompony this food, finely chopp an onion, rub with some salt,to leave it from salt ,wash it . add chopped parsley, add some sumac , red pepper and lemon juice..

Bon appetit..


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