Vegetable soup

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I was planing to make a broccoli soup but i saw the broccoli at home was spoiled. I was lazy to go market and buy new one so i decided to make a soup with whatever i have at home, i had potato and carrot , it was quite enough to make a delicious soup..
I really love soup, some people think it is just for winter and really they surprised when they see i am drinking steaming soup in the summer..:)


2 carrot
2 big potato
1 tomato
1sp flour
1 gl milk
olive oil
black pepper

Peel the potatoes and carrots, and cut in small pieces , put in 1 lt boiled water , add salt a bit, boil them till they get soft, when they are soft, make them puree with the help of blender,
on the other hand ,fry flour with some olive oil after add 1 chopped tomato, and put the carrot,potato puree, add slowly the milk and mix them well, if you feel it is too bold to be soup you may add boiled water , add salt black pepper,min,
boil one min more and it is ready.
i just tried it whatever i had at home so you may do it same, try it with bean,brokoli or whatever you like, you will not regret..
Bon appetit..


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