Potato in oven with cream recipe

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dear my followers,
after long time i am back to write:) i was a kinda busy ,even if i cooked i couldnt share with you.
Also holy month Ramadan started which muslims fast, it is really holy month which i enjoy, during the Ramadan ,people help eachother, the big tents settled outside that give foods to people, after sunset people can eat and drink. everybody goes to eachother for iftar (meal after sunset), we used to go to friends,relatives,and also invite people.. it is really amazing... i really enjoy with this month...
This recipe from my friend Turkay, recently at 5th of Aug i celebrated my birthday , and woow i m 26:)) she has cooked and i loved it ,easy and tasty food, i dont know if i have wrote before i am fall in love with potato:))
Enjoy with it..

1kg potatos
1 pocket cream
1 gl of grated cheese
1 sp chicken bouillon powder
black pepper

Slice potatos , lay on a tray which u covered with some oil . on the other hand mix chicken bouillon powder with cream, she has used ready cream which is practical.
cover cream on the potatos. add on the potatos, sprinkle salt and black pepper at the top and send it to oven , cook it till the cheese get golden brown and potatos get soft..

Bon appetit..


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