Pilaf/Rice with green bean (Fasulye Dible)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pilaf/Rice with green bean (Fasulye Dible)
All the areas in Turkey has different kinda food culture. In north east of Turkey which is Black Sea Region ,they cook almost all geens' "Dible". Dible is rice with veg. And Fasulye(green bean) Dible is one of them. Black Sea Regions is the most green areas in Turkey, so they cook a lot with green,vegs and so on..
Pilaf/Rice with green bean (Fasulye Dible) Rize/Turkey

Normally i dont like to add recipes which i didnt cook in my blog. But after i started blogging thing and my mum saw that i got comments and Top 9 bla bla bla, she started cook better , unusual foods than normal times. I think she thinks that she has been cooking from 30 years and nobody appriciated in proper way:) and now she has a kinda chance with me to show her foods more people and got claps:) She is really great cook, best that i knew. Honestly she didnt want me to go in kitchen too much because she was afraid from the mess after i cooked.. But she couldnt do anything about it:) After she cook , always ask me to add the foods in my blog but i reject, but this time i thought i can make privilege for one time:) i liked the fasulye dible too much (normally she wasnt used to cook it, i think she cooked for you:) ) The taste is so good.. It is fillig,tasty and easy to cook. What you can ask more from a food? :))


250 gr green beans
400 gr rice
1 onion
1 tomato

After the beans are washed and cleaned , cut into pieces. Into a deep pan, put beans, on it, add tomatos(chopped),onion(chopped),1 table spoon olive oil,and salt. Close the cover ,on the low heat ; cook 15min. Add 2 glass(around 400gr) hot water, and close the cover again, cook 10 min. After you are sure the beans are softened. Wash the rice and add on the beans. Cook till the all water gone. After take it away and rest for 15 min.
Serve warm.
Bon appetit...


Dimah said...

Looks so simple and delicious!

Spoon and Chopsticks said...

Rice is my all-time favourite. This is a nice and simple recipe.

What type of rice do you use in Turkey? From your photo, it looks like a medium-grain rice. I personally enjoy long, medium and short grain rice. They all have distinct texture.

Belinda @zomppa said...

What a great simple recipe. Going to add this one to my recipe list.

Rico said...

What a great presentation with the tomato rose and a delicious pilaf. well done.

Rico-Tried and Tested Recipes

Chef Dennis said...

sounds like a wonderful tasty dish! Thank you for sharing it with us!

Anonymous said...

another great dish to try.
btw, I tried the eggplant salad with chickpeas, i liked it but still Baba ghanoush is top on my eggplant dishes, followed by Imam bayildi

The Mom Chef said...

Tell your mom to keep it coming. I love these kinds of recipes! Many claps to both of you.

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