Assaha Hotel&Restaurant-Beirut

Friday, October 1, 2010

Assaha is the maybe nicest hotel i have ever seen, it has unique design, it looks like a castle, very authentic, fully stone . I felt so great there. I had chance to see the rooms as well..

All the rooms has different country concept; Morocco , Egypt, Lubenon,Africa, America and more ... and all were perfect, and i can say also prices are so reasonable.
It is near Beirut airport which is around 10-15 min away from city centre. 1st day i went there and saw rooms but didnt has chance to taste delicious foods , 2nd day i felt to eat there and went again. Good i did it.. The food was perfect. After the meal , they give you around 10 type of dessert as courtesy, and with it; very nice old man who has long mustache threat you tasty arabic coffee..
People are so nice, smiley and helpful .
Also the hotel has a museum which i loved. It has very nice concept which shows the traditional Lubenon jobs, people, lifestyle.. I enjoyed there alot. The pics i publish here ,all taken by me; if you wanna see more see the website;

If you got a chance to go Beirut , i highly reccomend this hotel to stay or at least to have a meal at the restaurant.
Trust me , you will never regret..



The Mom Chef said...

Oh, you made me so homesick with this post. I went to the British Community School in the late 60's, which was close to the airport as well. I miss Lebanon so much. Thank you for the pictures and the tour of the hotel and restaurant.

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