Anchovy Recipe (Hamsi)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

For the who dont know about, Turkey is a country surrounded with 3 seas; Black Sea at north, Aegean Sea at the west, and Mediterrian Sea at the south. For this reason, it is very rich with the fishes and fishes products, but unfortunately we arent so fan of sea foods. We are mostly bread, wheat people as anatolian culture. It is like , although it is surrounded with 3 sea, most of turkish people dont know to swim!
This season is very generous with the fish, yesterday on the news they were anouncing that it is anchovy season and it is so cheap, and bla bla bla. A chef gave 12 recipes with anchovy which is so easy and tasty.
In Turkish we call it "Hamsi". In black sea region there are thousands recipes are avalible with it, whatever u think ; anchovy bread, pickle, rice ,everything..
When i surprise to see Americans use pumpkin in a lot of ways, if you have known about how anchovy is used in Turkey, i am sure you would be really surprised!
It is very easy and tasty way to eat fish.

I got 1 kg anchovy , was planing to use some part for Hamsi Kusu and rest of them for the rice with anchovy, but the tast of it was soo amazing and my family asked me to cook just this and tomorrow we will buy some more and use it for rice. This is winter time and the weather is cold and rainy, i dont wanna go out, so my sister promised to go out and buy it for me tomorrow, so we were agreed and all of them cooked as hamsi kusu, Win Win game !everybody happy:))
It was a real challange for me , because when my mum brought the fish and it wasnt cleaned so i needed to clean inside. I have never done it, first try was disaster, i almost mashed the fish!
I learnt the way from my mum.
First i had to break off the head , one finger has to clean inside of it,and take the bone out with the tale. I felt so weird , it was hard for me to do it and was a challange to see my hands with some blood although it is fish. Anyway i was succesful , just it took much time as i had to wash my hands quite often:)

Fresh Anchovy
Corn meal

Mix the fishes with salt and pepper ,very well. Put a fish above to other one. The inside part has to face to face. After mix it with corn meal, cover the fish very well with the corn meal. Heat the pan and fry them with some oil. If you fry some onion rolls and serve them with lemon.

Bon appetit

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I love anchovy! they are very tasty! :D

Dimitris said...

Ι love that dish ... i ate it in Istanbul and it looks that you did a great job !!!

Andrea said...

Hi Yesim, I came via Turkey for Life, in hope of learning what to do with hamsi.So thank you for your beautiful posts :)))

Yesim said...

tx u Andrea:)

Yesim said...

tx u my dear greek friends:)

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