Belated "Happy World Pasta Day"&"Happy Birthday"

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yesterday,25th October was so important day. One ,it is one of my best friend' s birthday who is actually my manager, my friend&my sister.. She tought me a lot as much as she can with patient. She tried to make me convinced with the job and made easier my boring day at work. I am sorry to tell this but i havent heard any good things about lady managers all my life, everybody told lady managers mostly, jelous, aggresive,who has complexes and so on.. But she is the opposite of all of this.. Very kind,helpful, and try to make my life easier..
Happy Birthday Ender! you deserve all the best, hope God gives you what you deserve in the life..
And second important event at 25th Oct was World Pasta Day. I recognized there is a "World Pasta Day" exist. It has been celebrated from 15 years. I havent noticed it before but as the pasta is my favourite food , i thought it s good for me to cook a pasta to celebrate this nice day. Pasta is the cheapest, easiest and the most tasty way to get full..
My coughing getting worse. I dont like this dark, rainy weather, i should live in somewhere always warm and sunny. Although i am always so careful , i always get cold very easy, i think it is coz of what i eat , i should eat more healthy foods, but i love to eat pasta and patato:) i can live with just that 2 in all my life, can u do that? :) I
I cooked pasta yesterday with cream,garlic,basil,cheddar,parmesan,and some vegs.. It was so good , my family loved it. Unfortunately no pic coz of my pc&internew screwed:(
Btw when i was searching about this day , i learnt Turkey is the 2nd pasta exporter country in the world.
Happy World Pasta Day!!


Sabby said...

I just love your recipes.....Happy worlds pasta day too :)

the constant hunger said...

I had no idea it was world pasta day. Thanks!

Belinda @zomppa said...

Lots of reasons to celebrate! Take care of that cough!!

Gayle Martin said...

I never heard of World Pasta Day, but it looks like I celebrated it anyway by having spaghetti for dinner. Hope you feel better soon.

Treat and Trick said...

Happy belated birthday to your friend/manager, never heard about World Pasta Day before, hope you will recover soon....

Yesim said...

tx to all:)

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