Celeriac with orange juice

Saturday, October 16, 2010

As i have told before , i started a kinda diet. Actually i cant tell it is a diet ,it is impossible for me to diet because i really enjoy to eat . But at least i try to eat light foods at least for dinner. I really like celeriac and this recipe is from my mum. I have ate celeriac out ,restaurants and i have hated it and was avoiding to eat it till my mum cook it in this form. I really enjoy with this dish , hope you like it too..

4 middle size celeriacs
2 oranges
1 teaglass boiled peas(around 100gr.can)
1 onion chopped
1 carrot chopped
3 table spoon olive oil
3 cuse sugar

Peel celeriacs, slice it. Into a deep pot ,put celeriac,onion,carrot,olive oil,salt and sugar, close the cover, cook it for 10min onto low heat. Press the oranges and add the orange juice into pot, also add the peas. go on to cook for 20min more.
After you close the heat, add onto some dill and close cover, let it rest till it get cool.
Serve it cool..
Bon appetit...


Torviewtoronto said...

innovative delicious

Anonymous said...

We love Celery root,
My recipe is very similar to yours,
Mine has potatoes and I add lemon juice instead of oranges, however i never tried it with dill or sugar cubes.
Starch of the potatoes makes a creamy base.
Good luck.

Barbara said...

Very yummy and simple... delicious!

coolblogger said...

look lovely and so tempting.

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