Homemade Pickle (Tursu)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I am not sure if the pickle is right word for this, because when i write pickle in internet it just give me the one is cucumber pickle but when we make pickle at home normally it includes a lot like;cucumber,cabbage, tomato, gherkin,red cabbace,green pepper,beet,unripe melon and so on..we call it in Turkey "Tursu". My mum make pickle in big cans , after they been, we eat them with our dinner mostly. I like the salty taste of it. Also the water' s flavor in pickle is amazing, in Turkey there are some stores which sell pickle, and also the water of it.

If you never drunk that water ,at least once give a try if possible.. you will not regret.

Our can was for 5 lt. And the amounts we put in can is for that..


red cabbace
green pepper
unripe melon
20-25 cloves garlic
200 gr vinegar
1 tea glass mineral salt (around 70 gr
water (fill the can)
Wash your vegetables and fruits , put in can after garlic,vinegar, mineral salt, and the last fill all the can with water, if the water is good, fresh ;it is better. Also one of the important point is salt, it should be mineral salt which is thick ,and amount of it for 5 lt can 70 gr is enough, if you add too much salt ,your "tursu" will be so salty and you may not able to eat and if you add less salt ,the tursu can be spoiled. After you add all ingredients ,close the can cover very well.. It shouldnt touch to air. At least 15 days DONT OPEN it..

Keep it cool and dry place, also keep it away from sunshine. after 15 days open it and serve with your dinner.

Bon appetit...


mummy's kitchen said...

Pickle is exactly the right name for it, I've had these in restaurants but never thought about making any myself. I've bookmarked it to give it a go, I love these. Thank you.

Yesim said...

tx you .. sometimes i am not sure the exact terms in english .. hope you try it and let me know the result..

Treat and Trick said...

Hello Yesim,

Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. This pickle is so easy to make but looks tasty. Do try my Dates Bread and let me know the outcome. Hope to see you soon.

Yesim said...

tx u , i like cookies or bread with date, i d let u know after i ve chance to try..

Angie's Recipes said...

They look so appetizing! I would love some with Döner.

Anonymous said...

This looks really good Yesmin! I've never thought of using melon..is there a type of melon you prefer?

Yesim said...

@Angie: yep , they are great accompony for döner:)
@Nancy and Vijay: we normally do it with unripe melon..

kitchenmorph said...

the pic is excellent! may be even better than the pickle itself.

Anonymous said...

can we use table salt

Yesim said...

no . table salt will make it spoiled..

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