Falafel & Tarator Sauce

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Falafel & Tarator Sauce Here is another delicious dish that i have tasted in Lubenon. It was soo good, they serve it in the bread with tomato, radish, lettuce and tarator sauce. One of best thing also i have just paid less than 2 usd:) it was so cheap and great taste. It is famous food in Middle East. Good food also for vegeterians.
One of my Egyptian friend told it is called as food for poor people.. but i dont care, i like it:))
maybe i should open a place to sell falafel , i am sure i d make good business:) in Egypt, Mc Donald sell a special called Mc Falafel:)))
I went a place in Beirut which is famous with falafel called BARBAR.. and they are open 24 hours i guess , you cant guess how much it is full. You never find it empty.... always someone wait to get falafel:)

Ingredients For Falafel
1 gl of chick peas (250 gr boiled)
1 onion ,finely chopped
3 cloves garlic
2 table spoon finely chopped parsley
2 table spoon bulghur
1 table spoon flour
1 tea spoon cumin
1 tea spoon coriander
2 tea spoon salt
1 tea spoon red pepper

I used canned chick peas already boiled, but if you are gonna cook yourself, the beans have to be soaked 1 days before , and next day you have to boil it around 1-1,5 hour..
It was easy with canned beans. First i put in blender onion , parsley,garlic, and chop a bit, on them add chich peas. Chopped them together, take them in a bowl, add on them other ingredients. Just before you add bulghur , soak it a few min, after add on the mix. knead them 5 min . Put the dough in the fridge for 15 min.
After you took them out, get small pieces , and roll them like a small ball, repeat it till your dough finish.
Heat oil as much as possible, fry the balls few min. After they get dark ,mean it is fine..
You can serve it with tarator sauce as warm..

Falafel & Tarator Sauce
Ingredients For Tarator
4 table spoon yoghurt
2 slice stale bread
1/2 table spoon lemon juice
1/2 table spoon vinegar (grape)
2 cloves garlic chopped
1 table spoon tahin (crushed sesame seeds)
6-7 pieces walnut,mashed
All ingredients has to be chopped well or mashed, then mix it very well..
Easy and tasty sauce, you can serve this sauce with meat , chicken foods and also i like it to eat with potato chips..
Bon appetit...


eL.Çitra said...

Gonna try it! :)

The Mom Chef said...

It looks wonderful. I'm going to try your recipe too.

Yesim said...

let me know after you tried:)

Torviewtoronto said...


Jan/Thella said...

that looks delicious and easy to make :) thanks for posting your recipe

Couscous & Consciousness said...

I love falafel - thanks for sharing your recipe so I can try making my own.

Polly Motzko said...

Hello there Yesim,

Is that your first name??

Paulette Le Pore Motzko here from southern CA, USA. I just ate that yesterday evening at a great restaurant that I just wrote a feature story on called Coach's Mediterranean Bar & Grill.

I was wondering, can I substitute anything else for the bulghar? I would love to use something I have around here like flour or old fashioned oats in place of it. Could I and get a good result?

Just wondering??

I would love you to join my blog called "Cooking Up A Storm All Over The World!"


I have a Middle Eastern Group just waiting for you there to put recipes!

God bless you and I am gonna finish typing up the recipe for my latest baked creation called "Miss Polly's Amaretti Wafers". They turned out really great & they have no fat in them at all.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
(Polly Motzko)

Yesim said...

Dear Polly ,
yes my name is Yesim nice to meet you:) and i have read your post about Coach's Mediterranean Bar & Grill. You can add flour inspite of bulghur, i think most of time people use flour inspite of bulghur but when i ate in Lubenon ,the falafel was a bit crispy and i thought bulghur made it ,that s why i added bulghur and i liked the result but with flour i m sure you are gonna get good result. Tx for let me know about Middle east group , i will definetly join and add some recipes from Turkey and Middle East.
Happy day to all..

Cardamom Hills said...

those falafels look awesome...shud give them a try...they are so crunchy and tasty...

Yesim said...

tx u...

fromBAtoParis said...

Is this food for poor people???!!! Give it to me ANY time !!! I LOVE it !!!
Thanks for this recipe !!!

Yesim said...

i was told so.. lol.. i love it too:)

Cake Duchess said...

Hi Yesim- these look so yummy! Thank you for sharing your falafel recipe.I adore falafel and will try these.

Elisabeth said...

Hi Yesim,
This is the only falafel recipe that would be a "keeper" for me. Sounds absolutely delish, with adding bulghur to it too. The tarator is very unusual, and yummy. Thanks for sharing!

Dimah said...

Your falafels look perfectly delicious :)

Yesim said...

happy to hear that you liked:)

Blackswan said...

Hi Yesim, thks for the add @ FoodBuzz! Wanted to leave my commments there too but dun noe what I did, but your request was gone. LOL!

Great to meet u & looking fwd to sharing @ Luxury Indulgence!

denizdalya said...

Falafele deli olurum yanında hummus olsada yesem :))

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