Waraq Enab (Yaprak dolma)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This is one of my favourite food.. maybe i can say my favourite!! :) in Turkey we call it yaprak dolma(yaprak: grape leaf, dolma:being filled up) and in Lubenon they call it Waraq Enab, it is one of best mediterianne dish i suppose, you can cook it as olive oil as cold (zeytinyagli) or if you desire, it can be cooked with meat and serve hot..
But i like the cold version more .. in Lebanon they cook it more sour than we do here ,but it is tasty , it is up to you how much lemon you wanna add ..
400 gr grape leaves, washed one by one
1 cup rice (200gr), washed and drained
4 medium onions, chopped
3/4 cup lemon juice
2 tbsp pine nuts (optional)
1 tbsp currant(optional)
1 tbsp dry mint
Black pepper

Dip the vine leaves in boiling water for 1 minute, remove and put aside. If using the ones from the packet remove and wash a few times to get rid of the salt. Put the onion at nonstick pan with 1 tbsp olive oilstire until light brown then add rice, lemon juice and other ingredients. 1 pinch of sugar would be enough. Cook over very low heat until the rice looks almost see-through. Add one cup hot water, cook until all the water evaporates.Put aside and let it cool down.

after everything is ready and enough cold to be rolled;

Open the leaves on a board one at a time. Put 1 tsp of the mixture on each, fold in 2 sides then roll like a small cigar. Repeat till you finish all the leaves or the stuffing.Pour in 1 1/2 cup of water from the side of pot. Line up all the rolls in the pot side by side tightly, without any holes in between. Cook over low heat until most of the water evaporates. Leave a little bit of water at the bottom, it will go away as it's cooling down. Serve cold..

Bon appetit...


Karen said...

I love reading about foods that I'm not familiar with...great post!

Yesim said...

happy to hear that.. enjoy..:)

Hester Casey said...

It seems similar to Dolmades which I absolutely love, but have never made. I will give this recipe a try - even the name sounds wonderfully exotic.

Yesim said...

Dolmades is i guess greek name of it , isnt it? most of mediterrian foods are served in different countries with different names but mostly they are all same and delicious:)

Anonymous said...

I have never had Dolma but I have always wanted to try...now I can make them! Thanks for the recipe!

Yesim said...

you never had dolma really?? then you missed a lot my friend:))

Fahad Khan said...

Sounds very interesting recipe,Yesim,I am going to note down/bookmark this one.
Grape leaves are not so commonly consumed in India,however,some people like to make fritters with them - very delicious.Just take some grape leaves and make a solution of gram flour,red chili powder,ginger paste,garlic paste and salt,with water.Dip the grape leaves in this solution and deep fry them in hot oil.They taste very good.:-)

fatpiginthemarket said...

I have mad love for dolmas! Now that I'm here reading about them I realize I've never tried to make them. Now I have to try it!

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