iyi bayramlar..

Friday, September 10, 2010

Yesterday Eid ul fitr started, we call it "bayram" ,"Şeker bayrami(Bayram of Sweets)" , it is the celebration day after Ramadan, conclusion of fasting. Honestly i dont like bayrams as before. When i was a kid,it was more meaningful, people were more friendly with eachother, human relations was everything, now everything changed. Nowadays, Bayram means holiday for people, to chance to run away from work,city or people.. When i was a kid, it was rituel. The men of the street where i live were going to mosque for pra. When they came back ,we been made ready the breakfast table, the table was perfect, after we ate, people were greeting to eachother. "iyi bayramlar"-have good bayrams.. visiting relatives, friends.. When we are going to someone s home ,we are getting mostly chocolate or candy as gift.. i am a kinda traditional girl who like to keep alive this kinda good traditions.. Although my family got a bit angry with me , i still woke up early ,went market, prepared breakfast and woke my family up and pushed them to go out. Still had nice bayram day with all relative visits..

İyi bayramlar to all...


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