KISIR Recipe-Turkish Salad with bulgur(cracked wheat )

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Today i came home, my mum has cooked very delicious foods actually,even when u look it, it was calling u to eat it! i think she s trying to prove that she can cook better than me:)) but ididnt wanna eat them , i just needed smth light that i can eat with tea, and i decided to make Kısır, it s salad a kinda, very delicious, easy to prepare and also nutrient.
i write some ingredents down but actually it s up to u, whatever u like u can put inside, especially everythng green inside is very suitable to kısır.

2 glass bulgur
3 glass boiled water
3 spoon tomato paste
1 tomato
1 cucumber
half onion
fresh mint
1 lemon s juice
half tea glass olive oil
1 sp.salt
2 spoon pomegranate syrup

Put boil water on the bulgur, and lety it drink all water and cool down, while it s getting cool, chop finely your tomato,cucumber,onion,mint,dill and parsley.
after put lemon juice , tomato paste, oil, pomegranate syrup and salt on your bulgur and mix very well, the tomato paste should be homogen into bulgur. after put all other ingredents and mix all of it very well.. and here it s ready to eat, delicious,easy food.. i love it hope u will love too.. jsut one more note; pomegranate syrup s really perfect mate for this salad, and also u can use for your other salads at home too..
bon appetit..


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