Domates Boregi ( Tomato Pie) Recipe

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I think pie doesnt give the right explanation of "börek", as Turks ,we have a lot of type of börek and it is one of indispensable food for our kitchen. I will cook some types of börek later but today i cooked very easy, tasty and different type of börek. yesterday me and some collegues went a place for lunch and one of my friend ordered "domates böreği", i tasted it and loved it, when i came back hme i searched about it in internet and found out there are few variations of it.. i picked up the most suitable one for which i have tasted, the result was really amazing. i think if i tell this , u will get how good it is..; i cooked it 1 hour ago , and it s all finished:))


6 tomatos
1 bread s inside(we just put inside of the bread)
2 eggs
1 gl of cheese
2 clove garlic
black pepper
red pepper
cut the tomatos small pieces, add on cheese,eggs,and bread..u can choose as cheese whatever u like, we have a lot of types of cheese , i choosed "lor". mixed it all ingridents and add your salt, black pepper, red pepper and basilicum . i dont like to tell this much spice or that much salt , it depends to people, it s all up to you , u may like pepper or not at all! and also add your garlic and finely chpped parsley and dill.. mix it all , the bread should be small pieces and it will be soft with the water off tomatos. oil your tray and put inside your mix.. and send it to owen and cook it around 25 min with 180 degree.. sometimes u can check it to avoit it burned:)

bon appettit....


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