Chicken with vegetable Recipe

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Today noon my mum asked me what i am gonna cook today...actually i wasnt feeling to cook smth ,but my sister also asked that, i dont know if they really like my foods or they re just lazy to cook and it s good someone else cooking:)) anywya i just needed smth easy to cook so i went market and bought some vegetable and chicken and just put them together and plus spices .. the result was better than i expect , i think i learn this job well.. :))

500 gr chicken(cut in small chucks)
1 marrow
1 carrot
2 pieces garlic
2 red bell pepper
1 sp butter
1 sp tomato paste
black pepper

I put in a bowl all chikens , put on it all spices and salt and mix and an let chiken to get all of them s smell and taste.. while it is waiting with spices , i cut marrow,carrot,bell peppers,garlic in small pieces. i put butter on fire and added vegetables on it, put salt , and let it cook for 5 min. after i added chicken and cooked for a few min more, i melted tomato paste in 2 glass of hot water and added o my chicken , i cooked it around 30 min.. u cant guess the result, perfect smell into kitchen and perfect taste..
bon appetit..


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