Hünkar Pilavı (Sultan's Pilaf) Recipe

Friday, June 15, 2012

Ottoman Sultans definetly had a fine palate.I can imagine hundreds of cooks in Palace Kitchen were trying different mixtures for Sultan to like.
This rice recipe called Sultan's Pilaf which you can find various types of sultan pilaf. Probably each of them has different style. It was a kinda new experiment for my family to mix a lot of different spices in the rice but the result was definetly perfect.


100 gr boneless lamb meat, cut into small cubes
1 gl of rice (150 gr)
20 pistachio nuts,shells removed
15-20  currants
2 cloves, mashed
2 cardamom,mashed
1/2 tea sp cinnamon
1/2 tea sp allspices
1 tea sp black pepper
1,5 tea sp salt
1/2 table sp butter

Boil the water  and add meat, cook for 15 min. Remove the meats, and keep the broth for later. Put the butter in a non stick pot , add the meat and cook till it get brownish. Add pistachios, cook for 1-2 min more and then add cloves,cardamom,cinnamon,allspices. Stir few times, add currants, salt ,black pepper and the broth (1,5 glass) , boil them all together, and then add the rice. The water should be above the rice around 1 cm. If you need, add more broth or water. stir few times, cover it and cook on the low heat till the rice absorb all water. After it cook , do not stir. Wrap the pan with a cloth or towel well , and let it rest for 30 min. Stir gently before serve.

Bon Appétit..


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