Potato Ravioli (HINGAL)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I am feeling right now that i am in the heaven , while i am tasting potato , butter.. yummy!!
When i was a kid ,we had a neighboor who used to cook "Hingal" , i always loved it , and i felt like i am kid now, the taste the same like she did, her name is Yasemin who was living next door; i have liked her, life is weird, i havent seen her from years , i dont know where she is or what she does, this hingal just made me remember great memories. I guess i am getting old as i started to talk about past:)
She is Circassian , and this Hingal a Circassian food which is also cooked in Cantral Anatolia area of Turkey.
The difference from the usual turkish ravioli is ; hingal bigger than regular turkish ravioli, there are some different shape variations, you can do whatever you like. I used a form that i like.
For the dough;
1,5 gl of all purpose flour (300 gr)
1 egg
1/2 table sp salt
For inside;
2 potato
1 onion
red pepper
black pepper

peel potatos, and cook them till they get soft, other hand with some butter cook sliced onion till they get golden brown. Mash cooked potato and add on the onion, include pepper and salt, cook a few min more and let it cool.
Mix all dough ingredients , knead enough , it shouldnt be soft, open it enough , dont make it so thin, i used my form and cut them circular.

i put the circular dough, add inside some potato mix , and close it. It got nice shape , you can also close yourself but pay attention not them to open.
Wıth the ingredients i used, it is been 16 pieces which is enough for 4 but it is so delicious maybe just 2 may eat all too:)
Boil some water add a bit salt, put the hingals inside , cook for 10 min. Drain it . For the top melt some butter with red pepper and add on the hingals.

Bon appetit..


Monet said...

These look so amazing! What a wonderful dish to serve to a vegetarian (like my husband) I can't wait to experiment with these ravioli. Thank you for sharing with me. Have a wonderful weekend!

Dimah said...

Wow, this looks amazing! Yum

Spoon and Chopsticks said...

That looks lovely, Yesim!

All That I'm Eating said...

That looks so tasty. I bet it was so filling, just what you need when it's cold.

JayP said...

Oh, thanks for doing these. We had this in Istanbul and couldn't remember the name of it. Now we can! :) They look lovely!

Hayatcemresi said...

Yeşim hanım,
looks very yummy!

Sevil said...

yeşimcim ellerine sağlık tatlım

Treat and Trick said...

Very interesting and yummy! I love this healthy recipe...

Anonymous said...

Looks very tasty!

Rich said...

Ravioli is one of the seven culinary wonders of the world, in my mind. This is no exception - that looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

Everytime I look at this picture, I feel myself hungry :) We must come together and cook this amazing recipe!

Anonymous said...

i know this :)
my mother is Circassian, this is perfect food for winter night, you need to eat it hot and with butter :)

Edible Art said...

ahhh ravioliii !!
im going to have to try these out!
thanksss for the recipe ^ ^

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