Bodrum Mantı (Fried Turkish Ravioli)

Monday, August 29, 2011

I know it is been a long time since I wrote but I had some reasonable excuses.
My dad suffered a big operation, stayed many weeks at the hospital. While we were thinking he was recovering, there were some complications, thank GOD he is better now, at home.
Hard times also good to understand your real friends, some of friends made me disappointed, some other made me surprised and felt they are more closer to me than I thought before.
Anyway this is life, all the bad and good things are for us. The most important thing is we are healthy now and I'm back with a nice recipe. :)
I tried this at a restaurant by a friend recommendation, and I didn't feel regret at all!!! It is amazing, delicious, called Bodrum mantı, as far as I learnt, it is cooked in Bodrum, which is a port city in the southwestern Aegean Region of Turkey.


2 cups flour(300 gr)
1 egg
125 gr. butter
125 gr. mince
1 onion
2 cups of yogurt
Enough salt
Black pepper
Red pepper, garlic.

For the dough, put flour, egg, 1/2 sp salt and enough water and knead it. When it is ready, divide it in 2 pieces and open it with rolling pin, it should be thin around 1mm.
Honestly mine wasn't thin enough, if it is thin, it'd be much better.
On the other hand with some oil cook chopped onions, add mince with salt & black pepper.

Cut each dough sheet into squares of about 1.5"x1.5". Put a very small piece of filling at the center of each square. Continue until the dough is finished.
when all the mantı are ready, fry them for some seconds, they will be cooked so easy, drain oil.
Melt the butter, add the tomato paste, some red pepper.
I like yogurt with garlic, so mix your yogurt with chooped garlic, you know if you eat this, you have to eat it with garlic.
On your mantı, add yogurt and sauce; on the top add mint and you can serve.

Bon Appétit.


Gina said...

I was so glad to hear you Father is doing well now. I must have been draining, he is lucky you were taking such good care of him. I've never seen anything like this here, I would have tried them too. Hoping thing keep getting better and better.

Christine's Pantry said...

Glad all is well.

FamilySpice said...

Who can blog when a family member is sick? I hope your father continues to get better. On a food note, when I was in Bodrum, oh 15 years ago?! I don't remember anything like this on the menu. Sounds delicious!

Treat and Trick said...

Great you're back and your dad is recovering. Tempting snack and looks yummy...

RavieNomNoms said...

Glad to hear your dad is recovering. Still in my prayers.

Thomas Andrew said...

What is "mince" ?

yesim said...

tx for good wishess,
@Thomas:ground meat

Candace said...

Omygoodness! This looks absolutely fantastic. You are making me hungry this morning. I am so sorry that your father has been ill. I pray that he completely recovers quickly.

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